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Farewell to Hot Doug’s

Hot Doug’s is closing its doors today and we had the honor of creating a video for Vienna Beef that encompasses the history and passion behind the iconic Chicago stand.

Seoul & Palawan

Our producer/still photographer, Simon Brubaker, went on a trip through Asia. Check out this video of his travels through Korea and the Philippines.


What Does a Colorist Really Do for Your Films?


This video shows examples of a very hidden, yet necessary talent in our industry.  Colorists can add an entirely new feeling to a piece without actually editing a single frame.  One should never underestimate the valuable skill set of color grading.  Enjoy!

Click here: What Does a Colorist Really Do for Your Films?



Submitted by Ryan Linich, Manager of Creative Operations


View From Our New Office

Okay, that’s a lie. What isn’t a lie is that our Senior Motion Graphics Editor, Michael Fernandez, took this fantastic shot while filming with the American Medical Association the other day! Click the image below to view the photo.


Richard Roeper Review – “17 Seconds”

We’re blown away by the high praise that Richard Roeper recently gave ’17 Seconds’

“This might be my favorite championship DVD of all time.”

“One of the best [movies] of any kind I’ve seen this year.”

“17 Seconds,” Movie Trailer

“17 Seconds,” is Banner Collective’s brand new movie telling the story of the miraculous comeback by the Chicago Blackhawks and subsequent celebration through behind the scenes footage, exclusive interviews and access.

Banner Collective Storms C2E2

Banner Collective’s very own “Simon the Intern” went to C2E2 last weekend and captured the sights and sounds of Chicago proper’s biggest comic convention. Check it out!

Crain’s Chicago Business Profiles Banner Collective


Banner Collective was featured in this week’s edition of Crain’s Chicago Business. You can read the article in its entirety below or on the Crain’s Chicago Business website.

Third-generation Wirtz brings Blackhawks into video age

Oh, the irony.

Danny Wirtz, grandson of the late Bill Wirtz, the Blackhawks owner who once forbade games from being aired on TV, has started a video and digital production firm that will produce content for all Wirtz Corp. companies and, eventually, organizations outside of the business.

“The age of communication is getting to the point where video is the most relevant way to digest information,” Mr. Wirtz says in an interview about the new division and his role as an heir to one of the largest privately held companies in Chicago, with annual revenue of some $2 billion. “A 30-second video creates an emotional connection and inspires people in a more effective way than any PowerPoint.”

Mr. Wirtz, 36, is stepping out of the shadow of his well-known dad, Rocky, who took over the company and the Blackhawks when his father died in 2007. Rocky Wirtz’s two daughters and two nephews also work for the company.

The younger Mr. Wirtz is vice president of marketing and sales at the company’s beverage group. Part of his role involves coming up with new ideas, which led to the launching of the video division, Banner Collective.
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Banner Collective Featured in Reel Chicago


Banner Collective was featured in Reel Chicago today with a piece by Lewis Lazare. You can read the article in its entirety below or on Reel Chicago’s website.

Wirtz Corp. backs new video /virtual Banner Collective

One thing that always warms our heart is seeing superior talent recognized and rewarded. Genuine talent. Not the mediocrity that often gets far more credit than it deserves in this advertising capital called Chicago. But genuine skill and creativity.

On Wednesday, good people got rewarded. Very good people. And though there will be some, inevitably, who pooh-pooh the development, they will — we can only hope — be pushed aside soon enough so that real talent may prevail.

What happened yesterday, in a nutshell, is that the Wirtz Corp., one of Chicago’s largest privately-held conglomerates, recognized the significant talent in its midst and decided to make more of it than the Wirtz company already was.

This development involves Dave Knickerbocker and Patrick Dahl. Remember the names. They may prove instrumental in determining the future shape of the video and digital production business in Chicago.

For the past several years, Knickerbocker and Dahl have been working their video magic in-house for the Chicago Blackhawks, a hockey team whose popularity has skyrocketed since the team took home the coveted Stanley Cup in 2010 — an honor that puts recipients in a special league all their own.

Though Dahl and Knickerbocker have worked in tandem with Ogilvy/Chicago on advertising for the Hawks in recent years, we were surprised to discover that some of that fine advertising, as well as most of the flashy and compelling videos displayed on line and shown to rabid fans at the United Center, were in fact the handiwork of just Dahl and Knickerbocker.

Good sports videos and advertising must be one thing above else — exciting. And the videos we’ve seen from this duo at the United Center, on television and online have met that standard and generally exceeded it by quite a bit.

Which is no doubt why Rocky Wirtz, owner of the Blackhawks, and his larger Wirtz Corp., finally acknowledged what was right before their eyes: Dahl and Knickerbocker deserved a larger palette on which to work before they and their exceptional skills up and went elsewhere.

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